one rainy afternoon in London,  over a cup of tea (how cliché), three women were sharing frustration over how disappointing the current product offering for affordable blemish and problematic skin was; was this a mission-impossible?

Pumpkin and Papaya

with combined backgrounds in skincare, and more importantly our own experiences of struggling with blemishes (or breakouts), we wanted to create effective, yet affordable skincare using the power of botanicals, backed by science, and with ingredients carefully selected.

on a mission to marry both cutting-edge, effective natural botanicals and safe man-made ingredients, botanical lab was born…


when it came to selecting the ingredients, the information out there was overwhelming (understatement of the year) but what became clear is there is more then one ingredient that will help your skin; from the wonders of turmeric to the world’s hidden gems like neem leaf and bilberry, we have been able to develop each product specifically for its function; so we won’t be telling you that our products contain snail-goo handpicked by us at sunset. But what we will tell you is that our products are effective on problem skin, won’t break the bank, and of course they look pretty good too, don’t they?