Face Mask Brush

In the mood for some me time? Get that spa treatment feeling at home and dive in with our face mask brush. Relax, we've got it covered (pun). Suitable for use with any Botanical Lab face mask, our brush makes application easy.

Face Mask Brush

Try our Botanical Lab face mask brushes for the complete multi-masking experience. This brush is perfectly partnered with all of our Botanical Lab face masks.
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After using a face cleanser, use the face mask brush to gently apply a thick layer of one of our masks onto the skin while using the brush in a circular motion for even application. Leave the mask on as per the usage directions and follow the instructions for removal.


Our premium, vegan face mask brush is made from wood, aluminium and synthetic hair.

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Is it better to apply face masks with a brush?

Using a face mask brush ensures even distribution of product over your pores. It allows you to target the corners of your face with zero waste / minimal mess but avoid the delicate under eye area and hairline for the ultimate pamper experience.

How to use a face mask brush

Dip the brush into the mask. Start in centre of your face and swipe across the nose and forehead, targeting the T zone. Continue to apply across the cheeks and chin. Rinse the brush after use.