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Our Story

Botanical Lab was created by a group of passionate skincare enthusiasts from our base in West London. We wanted to give people with problem skin a truly effective and enjoyable skincare experience. We began by targeting blemishes, using a combination of ingredients inspired by nature and powered by science. However, we’ve come to realise that our unique solutions can help treat a wider range of skincare struggles too, so, we’re busy developing our range further.

Our purpose is simple: to turn negative skincare experiences into positive ones. Through products that get the best out of nature and science, we aim to solve your skincare troubles – whatever your skin type – and make you feel great in the process.  

Our Products

We care about what goes into our products. Whether it’s scientific or natural, we’re careful about the ingredients we choose to ensure your skin is taken care of properly. Our products utilise a blend of botanicals and science to create formulas that really work.

That means we take powerful natural ingredients, like aloe, and marry them with scientific ingredients, like niacinamide, to offer even more power in treating your skin. A lot goes into the products to help you feel as great about your skin as possible.

Our main focus is to cater to your skin’s specific needs. After something to battle blemishes? No problem. Want to add a hit of hydration in your routine? We’ve got just the thing. We’ll make knowing which products will work best for you, simple. 

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What We Care About

We're Vegan

We have and always will be 100% against animal cruelty and animal testing. We actively avoid using animal-derived ingredients, meaning all of our products are vegan-friendly. In taking this stance, we join the fight to eliminate animal testing from the cosmetics industry.

Our skincare promise

Not just because lots of science goes into making our products as effective for problem skin. We’re a solution-based brand, here to take care of your skin and its needs. We don’t oversell or make unrealistic promises, but where we do claim our products are effective, that’s driven by user trials. We would never produce something we haven’t tested and used ourselves.

Protecting the planet

Like everyone, we’re aware that we have a responsibility to help protect the planet. As a brand, we’re constantly reviewing our methods and packaging to improve our footprint. For example, we now use FSC certified mixed card when creating packaging. We’re removing all black plastics in favour of clear and aluminium alternatives, too. This is because black plastic packaging commonly ends up as residue and is disposed of in a landfill or incinerated, while clear plastic recycled back into clear or coloured plastic.

We’re already working hard to be as sustainable as possible, and will continue to seek out ways to ensure we’re constantly improving.

No nasties

Our products are inspired by nature, which means we try to keep things as they should be, let our incredible ingredients do the talking and avoid adding unneeded chemicals. No SLS, fragrance, parabens, mineral oil, synthetic colourants and phthalates here, thank you.

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