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Each of our ingredients has been specially chosen to do what it’s supposed to do. Our thoughtful selection process starts with a 4-step evaluation of performance, safety, sourcing, and environmental impact before they make it into our products.


This ayurvedic herb has been used for thousands of years and has become a regular in holistic medicine. The leaves’ antibacterial and purifying properties help reduce bad bacteria that cause breakouts. It also contains natural salicylic acid, an astringent which helps reduce further breakouts.

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Also known as bentonite clay, this is a soft, natural mineral clay that is great at battling problem skin. It helps detoxify skin by flushing out the dirt and impurities that clog pores while gently exfoliating.

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Popularly used during Halloween or in a pumpkin pie recipe, which you should totally try by the way.
Both of these funky fruit enzymes have got deep heritage in skincare benefits dating back hundreds of years.

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An essential oil produced by distilling dried flower buds collected from the clove tree. If you’ve smelt a clove before, you’ll recognise its distinctive scent. It smells like it means business. It’s tough stuff for skin too – its antimicrobial properties help reduce bacteria and clarify the skin.

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  • Neem Leaf & Clove Anti-Blemish Gel


On face value, it’s easy to be sceptical about turmeric’s therapeutic powers. The vibrant, golden colour can look intimidating, but the spice has a long history in both superfood and skincare for good reason. The wonder root is rich in antioxidants, helping to calm skin and helping to give you brighter, clearer skin.

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Rose oil has more benefits than you have fingers to count. But, most importantly, its natural ability to hydrate and moisturise your skin makes it perfect for a nourishing face mask. It’s also great at helping to soothe dry or stressed skin.

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It’s not magic, but it’s pretty close. The centuries-old remedy was probably used by your grandparents and their grandparents to care for their skin. Its astringent properties help reduce the size of pores. It helps soothe and calm down your skin.

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We know this one is not so good looking but willow bark is one of the most amazing skin care ingredients on earth. Don’t believe us? Google it!

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Don’t get confused, yes we are talking about bilberries and not blueberries! blueberries and bilberries are more like cousins on the family tree.

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  • Bilberry & Clay Oil Control Face Mask


The nut of the jojoba plant – a perennial plant only found in North America – contains an oil that can do wonders for your skin. It’s an emollient, so it creates a protective layer over skin to help trap in moisture. Say goodbye dry skin and hello to soft, conditioned skin.

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This naturally-occurring clay is great at cleansing the skin by soaking up the excess oil. This makes it perfect for products like cleansers and masks, which draw out the impurities and leave your face feeling rejuvenated.

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The gooey liquid found in the aloe’s leaves is known as nature’s super soother. It is the perfect cooling agent to moisturise and help calm dry, stressed or left-in-the-sunshine-ten-minutes-too-long skin.

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Squalane is a stable form of squalene that helps provide some extra hydration your body’s not capable of producing. Our squalane is using a vegetable source as it is derived from olive oil. It copies your skin’s natural oils, making it an excellent emollient that aids cell regeneration, moisturisation and protection.

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If you suffer from dry, sensitive or dehydrated skin, sunflower seed oil will be able to lend a helping hand. It’s an emollient rich in linoleic acid, so it replenishes, strengthens and conditions your skin too.

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From breakfast bowl to skincare staple, oatmeal contains oat-beta-glucan that soak up excess oil, making it perfect for helping moisturise and hydrate the skin to reduce skin discomfort.

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We’ve all heard of the strong, antioxidant powers of drinking matcha tea. But in its powder form, the greeny goodness makes for a powerful skincare ingredient. It helps to protect skin against everyday impurities and helps gently exfoliate.

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Cold-pressed from hemp seeds, cannabis sativa seed oil has recently become skincare’s wonder ingredient. Not only does it restore your skin’s moisture levels and relieve the discomfort of stressed skin, its natural fatty acid content allows the oil to be absorbed.

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You’ve probably heard how chamomile is a serious soother. Well, that’s because it contains this little thing called bisabolol. It’s been used in cosmetics for centuries because of how gentle and soothing it is. This is the perfect ingredient to calm your skin!

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  • Witch Hazel Shine Control Face Mist

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