Welcome to Botanical Lab

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Poplinen was born out of the need to celebrate the female figure in all it’s shapes and sizes.

We do this by listening to you, sourcing beautiful fabrics, obsessing over fit, and not compromising on our values––creating stylish pieces that compliment your individual style.

You’re It

Poplinen exists for YOU. Plain and simple: you’re our top priority, and we want to know what’s working and not working for you. Is there something you discovered you think we should know about? Our cyber ears are to the ground burning for what you have to share!

Mother Earth

We’re designing with the future in mind by creating thoughtful, enduring pieces with the least harmful impact on our planet––styles that can be passed on for years to come.

We’re devoted to supporting the environment, and learning how to better do that throughout our entire supply chain and customer experience as we grow.

Note From the Founder

When I started Poplinen, I wanted to create easy, better fitting, timeless tops that would become the work horses in your closet––your “go-to’s,” tried and true. As I listened to hundreds of women share their pain points around dressing, I became more aware of how under-served women felt. We’re here to help democratize fashion––developing comfortable, stylish pieces women actually want to wear.